Man Cave of the All Vintage Man

What’s in your Man Cave? Does it reflect your personality? Is it full of your favorite things? Here’s a look inside the Man Cave of the All Vintage Man:

1920s No Trespassing Sign from

1920s No Trespassing Sign from

Our All Vintage Man is a private sort of guy and cherishes his privacy. He only allows visitors  inside his Man Cave by invitation ~ as evidenced by this authentic No Trespassing sign from the 1920s.

Once used by landowners to keep unwanted visitors from stomping across their property, these signs are perfectly aged around the edges, in excellent condition and ready to be hung on the interior or exterior walls of a Man Cave. Our All Vintage Man chose to frame his.

Wool Drivers Cap c.1950

Wool Drivers Cap c.1950

Once inside the Man Cave, we see his perfect wool driver’s cap haphazardly tossed on a comfortable easy chair.

It’s from the 1960s and was made by an English hat maker.

The earliest hats date back to freed slaves in ancient Greece and Rome. And, the history of the felt hat, like the one pictured to the left, got its start from the patron saint of felt hat makers. He supposedly discovered wool felt when he filled his sandals with flax fibers to keep his feet warm! Now that’s an All Vintage Man!

1970s Vintage Trench Coat from

1970s Vintage Trench Coat from

Back in the Man Cave, we find the All Vintage Man’s trench coat next to the wool driver’s cap.

The coat is fully lined for warmth and comfort on those chilly fall evenings and misty spring mornings.

The All Vintage Man isn’t concerned about the wrinkles his coat takes on from its place on the chair, he rather likes the rumpled effect and is unconcerned.

Vintage Smoking Pipe from

Vintage Smoking Pipe from

The All Vintage Man’s Man Cave has the faint, woodsy aroma of pipe tobacco. Off to the side, on a bookshelf loaded with leather bound books, we find his pipe.

Finely polished and poised for use, the 1960s walnut bowl is ready for packing with the All Vintage Man’s favorite tobacco.

If it’s one thing he’s particular about, it’s his pipe. Gripping it between his teeth, he smiles at his reflection. It gives him that debonair look synonymous with the All Vintage Man.

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The Man’s Wallet: A Journey In Time

The All Vintage Man surrounds himself with rugged sensuality, durability and sleekness. For example; his choice in leather goods.

Antique wallet from

Antique Wallet Coin Holder from


Antique Wallet Coin Holder from

The Antique Wallet and Coin Holder pictured above is a fine example of tooled leather from the early 1900s. This wallet is nearly 100 years old and it’s in excellent condition. The durability of fine leather goods is what the All Vintage Man looks for.

The history of the mans wallet dates back to ancient Greece. Back then, it was a small satchel, or pouch, attached to the belt. It held provisions, including food. During the Renaissance, the items in the leather pouch increased to include coins, other currency and a book of accounts.¬† During the 19th century, carrying a wallet on the belt was considered to be “semi-civilized.” Items included food, “treasures” and items that were better left hidden. On the other side of the coin, it was considered “uncivilized” to carry these items in the pocket.

Enter the leather wallet, as we know it today.

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

The provisions of its forefather have been replaced by plastic credit cards, paper money and paper checks. Made to fit in the All Vintage Man‘s back trouser pocket, the leather wallet is sleek, durable and utilitarian. The wallet above is known as a bi-fold. The length of the leather folds in half and includes a money clip for paper, folding cash.

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Above, the tri-fold wallet has three folds. It includes a section for credit cards and a separate section for folding money.

The men’s wallet has also evolved and become more streamlined.

Leather Credit Card Holder

Leather Credit Card Holder

Above, this 3.5″ x 2.5″ leather wallet is for the minimalist All Vintage Man. It’s designed to hold an ID, credit cards and a small number of dollar bills.

Leather Credit Card Holder

Leather Credit Card Holder

This small, serviceable wallet is designed for front pocket use. Perfect for the All Vintage Man who doesn’t want a big lump in his rear pocket!

From carrying food and treasures in a pouch ~ to a sleek, leather wallet ~ the All Vintage Man has come a long way, baby. Other vintage leather wallets available from All Vintage Man on Etsy.

Bow Ties: Not Just for Professors, Pediatricians and Politicians

The All Vintage Man has an unwavering affection for his bow tie. This swatch of cloth is part of the fabric of his life.

Vintage silk bow tie

Vintage silk bow tie c. 1940

He’s not necessarily a pediatrician or a professor. The All Vintage Man is a sharp dresser and oozes confidence, regardless of his profession.¬† He chooses his bow ties as a reflection of his character and personality. For example; the All Vintage Man opting to wear the 1940s silk bow tie, above, may have character traits of dependability and moral integrity, indicated by the Navy blue and small detailed pattern. He’s also prone to mischievousness, evidenced by the bright red streaks.

Formal 1960s Butterfly Bow Tie

Formal 1960s Butterfly Bow Tie

The formal 1960s butterfly bow tie, above, evokes visions of James Bond ~ Tuxedo – Formal Gala ~ Mad Men ~ and, of course the All Vintage Man is right in the middle of it all.

The bow tie had humble beginnings, dating back to the 17th century. In order to hold together the openings of their shirts, mercenaries used a scarf tied around the neck. During the 18th century, this concept was modified by the French and the scarf became known as a cravat. The cravat flourished in both the 18th and 19th centuries. Many believe the bow tie and the present day necktie, evolved from the neck scarf.

Untied Bow Tie c. 1930s

Untied Bow Tie c. 1930s

The next time you see the All Vintage Man, take note of his neckwear. You’ll be seeing his style, but you may also be catching a glimpse of his personality.

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Who Is the All Vintage Man?

workingAvmanavatEtsyWho is the All Vintage Man? He’s a sharp dresser with a swagger who can spot a deal a mile away from behind his 1970s Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. He expresses himself in many ways, including his choice of apparel.


From the vintage corduroy stadium coat with leather togs and buttons (shown above), to the sleek and sexy, ever-stylish tweed sports jacket…SANY0026

The All Vintage Man is a savvy shopper and knows that fabulous bargains can be found. For instance, vintage apparel and accessories are often high quality and may be purchased for a fraction of off-the-rack-brand-new items.


Here’s another example: Famous maker leather wingtips which list for more than $100 new. These vintage shoes sold for approximately $40 at AllVintageMan on Etsy and, that included shipping!

The All Vintage Man has a keen sense of style and confidence in his appearance. He’s impeccably groomed.


From the close-shave straight razor that he keeps in his medicine cabinet to the grooming kit he takes with him on weekend getaways.


The All Vintage Man is ALWAYS in style!


Come for a visit and let the All Vintage Man that’s inside you escape!

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