The Man’s Wallet: A Journey In Time

The All Vintage Man surrounds himself with rugged sensuality, durability and sleekness. For example; his choice in leather goods.

Antique wallet from

Antique Wallet Coin Holder from


Antique Wallet Coin Holder from

The Antique Wallet and Coin Holder pictured above is a fine example of tooled leather from the early 1900s. This wallet is nearly 100 years old and it’s in excellent condition. The durability of fine leather goods is what the All Vintage Man looks for.

The history of the mans wallet dates back to ancient Greece. Back then, it was a small satchel, or pouch, attached to the belt. It held provisions, including food. During the Renaissance, the items in the leather pouch increased to include coins, other currency and a book of accounts.  During the 19th century, carrying a wallet on the belt was considered to be “semi-civilized.” Items included food, “treasures” and items that were better left hidden. On the other side of the coin, it was considered “uncivilized” to carry these items in the pocket.

Enter the leather wallet, as we know it today.

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

The provisions of its forefather have been replaced by plastic credit cards, paper money and paper checks. Made to fit in the All Vintage Man‘s back trouser pocket, the leather wallet is sleek, durable and utilitarian. The wallet above is known as a bi-fold. The length of the leather folds in half and includes a money clip for paper, folding cash.

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Above, the tri-fold wallet has three folds. It includes a section for credit cards and a separate section for folding money.

The men’s wallet has also evolved and become more streamlined.

Leather Credit Card Holder

Leather Credit Card Holder

Above, this 3.5″ x 2.5″ leather wallet is for the minimalist All Vintage Man. It’s designed to hold an ID, credit cards and a small number of dollar bills.

Leather Credit Card Holder

Leather Credit Card Holder

This small, serviceable wallet is designed for front pocket use. Perfect for the All Vintage Man who doesn’t want a big lump in his rear pocket!

From carrying food and treasures in a pouch ~ to a sleek, leather wallet ~ the All Vintage Man has come a long way, baby. Other vintage leather wallets available from All Vintage Man on Etsy.


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