Bow Ties: Not Just for Professors, Pediatricians and Politicians

The All Vintage Man has an unwavering affection for his bow tie. This swatch of cloth is part of the fabric of his life.

Vintage silk bow tie

Vintage silk bow tie c. 1940

He’s not necessarily a pediatrician or a professor. The All Vintage Man is a sharp dresser and oozes confidence, regardless of his profession.  He chooses his bow ties as a reflection of his character and personality. For example; the All Vintage Man opting to wear the 1940s silk bow tie, above, may have character traits of dependability and moral integrity, indicated by the Navy blue and small detailed pattern. He’s also prone to mischievousness, evidenced by the bright red streaks.

Formal 1960s Butterfly Bow Tie

Formal 1960s Butterfly Bow Tie

The formal 1960s butterfly bow tie, above, evokes visions of James Bond ~ Tuxedo – Formal Gala ~ Mad Men ~ and, of course the All Vintage Man is right in the middle of it all.

The bow tie had humble beginnings, dating back to the 17th century. In order to hold together the openings of their shirts, mercenaries used a scarf tied around the neck. During the 18th century, this concept was modified by the French and the scarf became known as a cravat. The cravat flourished in both the 18th and 19th centuries. Many believe the bow tie and the present day necktie, evolved from the neck scarf.

Untied Bow Tie c. 1930s

Untied Bow Tie c. 1930s

The next time you see the All Vintage Man, take note of his neckwear. You’ll be seeing his style, but you may also be catching a glimpse of his personality.

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