Who Is the All Vintage Man?

workingAvmanavatEtsyWho is the All Vintage Man? He’s a sharp dresser with a swagger who can spot a deal a mile away from behind his 1970s Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. He expresses himself in many ways, including his choice of apparel.


From the vintage corduroy stadium coat with leather togs and buttons (shown above), to the sleek and sexy, ever-stylish tweed sports jacket…SANY0026

The All Vintage Man is a savvy shopper and knows that fabulous bargains can be found. For instance, vintage apparel and accessories are often high quality and may be purchased for a fraction of off-the-rack-brand-new items.


Here’s another example: Famous maker leather wingtips which list for more than $100 new. These vintage shoes sold for approximately $40 at AllVintageMan on Etsy and, that included shipping!

The All Vintage Man has a keen sense of style and confidence in his appearance. He’s impeccably groomed.


From the close-shave straight razor that he keeps in his medicine cabinet to the grooming kit he takes with him on weekend getaways.


The All Vintage Man is ALWAYS in style!


Come for a visit and let the All Vintage Man that’s inside you escape!

All Vintage Man on Etsy